Direct Approach Recruitment
Top-Level and Middle-Level Management

Aptic Recruitment conducted assignments by direct approach, dedicated to Top-Level and Middle-Level Management. Due to our dual specialization, we guarantee a thorough understanding of multiple trades and high-quality services to the companies who want to improve their teams by recruiting appropriate talents. Our goal is to provide excellent individualized services to companies that wish to improve their teams. We also assist candidates in their career choice by giving them access to the best opportunities available.

Key Success Factors

A Sector specific Specialization

An experimented Team

A Sourcing Based on Direct Approach and a Strong Network of Candidates

A Tailored service provision

A An Advising Approach for both clients and candidates

Our Methods of Recruitment

Market Analysis and Evaluation


During one or several appointments, we learn to better know you in order to fully understand your expectations. We offer the best business advices based on our expertise of the labor market and the professions for which you are looking to enhance your teams. We define together the best fit, the principal targets as well as the timeframe and the decision process for every project.


Performance Appraisal, Selection and Evaluation


In a typical search, we use Direct Approach in order to identify the candidates whose skills and expertise best match the needs of your company. The interview process helps us better understand the personality and motivation of the candidates. We will keep you informed on the progress of the search through regular updates, as a means to guarantee visibility on the realities of the labor market and the completion of the recruiting project.


Integration and Monitoring


We provide ongoing assistance to you and the candidate during the integration period to assure that this new professional choice meets your mutual expectations.

Our sector-based specializations

Financial Services – Banking, Insurance, Asset Management, Private Equity


Our Financial experts operate in the following areas: Insurance, Asset Management and Banking:


Insurance: Financial Division, Risk and Compliance, Audit and Control, Actuarial Work, Insurance Policy


Asset Management: Managerial, Benefits, Commerce, Marketing, RFP (Request for Proposal), Credit Research and Equity


Banking: Financial Management, Risk and Compliance, Audit and Control, Quantitative Trading and Professional Regulations
Life Science


Our Financial experts operate in the following areas : Medical, Marketing, Market Acess, Quality, Pharmacovigilance and Production :


Medical : Medical Director, Therapeutic air Manager, MSL Manager, Head of Research Partnerships, MSL (Medical Science Liaison)…


Marketing/Sales : B.U Director, Marketing Director&Manager, Key Account Manager, Digital Transformation Manager, Health Projects Manager…


Market Access : Market Access Director, Head of Pricing & Refund, Public Affairs Director, Regulatory Affairs Director…


Qualité et Pharmacovigilance


Production : Site Manager, Manufacturing Manager, Packaging Manager, Logistic Manager.

Corporate – Services, industry


Our Corporate operates in those following areas:
Financial Departments, Human Resources, Legal affairs, and Procurement.:


Financial Departement:CFO, Financial Control, Management Control, Consolidation, Accounting, Treasury, Audit, Credit Management, Corporate M&A…


Human Resources Department:uman Resources Director/Manager, Talent Acquisition, Payroll Manager, HRMS… (Human Resources Management System)


Legal Department:Chief Legal Officer, Lawyer, Tax Expert


Procurement Department:Purchasing General Manager, Head of Purchasing Department.


Our Corporate operates in those following areas:

Our Real Estate team is involved in all real estate assets (offices, shops, retail parks, intermediate and social housing, logistics warehouses, industrial premises, hotels, health services, managed residences, data centers…).


Real Estate Management : Technical Manager, Rental Manager, Condominium Manager, Real Estate Accountant, Rental Collection Manager, Sector Manager, Rental Charges Manager, Commercial Lease Lawyer, Property Assistant, Facility Manager, Projet Manager.


Real Estale Development : Program Assistant, Program Manager, Land Developer, Development Manager, Development Lawyer, Development Accoutant, Sales Manager.


Expertise, Engineering & Architecture : MOA-MOD works, works manager, space planner, assistant MOA


Investment & Financing : Real Estate Asset Manager, Investment Analyst, Fund Manager


Marketing : Broker, Marketing Manager, Negotiator